Ing. Petr Bajer - English-Czech
technical and general translations


Technical translation

Below you can find samples of my translations of technical encyclopedia entries from Wikipedia. The articles come from the English version of the encyclopedia, when there was no corresponding Czech entry available - I founded the Czech entry with my translation.


Here you can see examples of my work for Bajt magazine where I worked since 1993. You can read three articles from issue 03/1995. It was nineteen years ago and my translation skills are even better nowadays.

Comic book translation

Translating comic books is among the most difficult jobs. It is a literary translation made harder by several factors. It is necessary to stick to what is drawn, which can be very limiting when translating puns for instance. The translated text also must fit the speech balloon, not only as a whole but also by its individual lines. Therefore it is sometimes inevitable to significantly diverge from the exact wording of the original text.