Ing. Petr Bajer - English-Czech
technical and general translations


Here you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers to them. If you have a question not listed here, do not hesitate to contact me.


Do you set the price using source or translated text?

Price is set based on the length of the source text whenever possible. The advantage of this method is that the price is known before the translation is made.

However, counting the words in the source text is not always possible - for instance when the text is printed or is in audio form. In such case the price is calculated using the translated text.

Can you provide me with a test translation?

Yes, if you are a new customer, have a large project and you are not sure if you can trust a translator that you have no experience with, there is no problem to arrange a test translation.

You can try me with some shorter text first. If you have none, we can arrange to translate just a few pages of the long text first. Then you can assess this sample and decide whether you want me to go on or not.

I can also translate the first 300 words of the test translation for free. If these 300 words are enough for you as a test, you will get the whole test translation free of charge.

You can also have a look at my sample translations that I have on my web page.

Do you provide proofreading?

Yes I do. If you would like me to revise a translation done by another translator, i.e. check translated text with respect to the original text, please contact me. The price for this service depends highly on the quality of the translation to revise. Lower quality of the translation means higher price of the revision. Under a certain level of quality there is no sense in doing the revision as it would cost the same as a new translation.

I can also provide proofreading of Czech texts, i.e. checking the grammar, spelling and punctuation and polishing the stylistics of the translated text without reading the original text.

Do you maintain confidentiality?

Of course! I never divulge any private information that I learn from the texts I translate. The only exceptions are those required by the law, e.g. complying with a court order. In case you wish to strengthen the protection we can arrange signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Do you meet the deadlines?

Meeting the deadline is a matter of professional credit for me. I have not failed a deadline during the last several years. However, as I am still just a human being, it may happen one day, for instance when I fall ill with a flu in the middle of a project. In such cases I always try to inform the customer beforehand and arrange a mutually beneficial solution - for instance I can offer a price reduction.

Do you translate using CAT tools?

Yes, if it makes sense for the given document or the customer asks for it, for instance when they have their own translation memory or termbase that they would like me to use. I own licenses and regularly use products such as Trados Studio, MemoQ, Wordfast Professional, Infralution Globalizer, OmegaT and other tools. During my IT career I worked with a large number of software titles and I also created dozens of applications myself, so it is no problem for me to quickly learn any new software that a customer might require.

Note: CAT tools are not machine translation! I do not use machine translation.

Why was there no reply to my e-mail?

I check my e-mail messages several times a day and answer all e-mails no later than the next business day. If you do not receive any reply within one business day, the most probable cause for this is either an overly strong spam filter or a full mailbox.

If you use some junk mail filtering and set it up to a maximum level, there will always be some legitimate messages flagged as spam. Please look in your junk mail folder to see if you can find my reply there. It is also a good idea to add my e-mail address to your list of allowed senders.

Furthermore, the size of a maibox is not unlimited. If you receive several messages with large attachments, your mailbox may be full. Until you collect the mail, no more mail messages will get to your mailbox. When you clean your mailbox, you are ready to receieve new messages, but the previous undelivered messages will not come again.

No customer mail is left unaswered, so if you receive no reply from me please try to fix the above problems and write me again. You can also send a text message to my phone or call me.